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Many online banks pass on this cost advantage to their customers with a favorable loan offer. One of the most important criteria when comparing different loan offers is the interest rate. If you no longer require additional insurance coverage, you will find out in the online application form. If you are a borrower and apply for a loan, you want to get the lowest possible cost with a very good customer service. Find the best loan offer for online installment loans on the Internet:

Foreign loan offers

Foreign loan offers

When they have paid the first funds, of course abroad, the interest rate level of the lender will fall noticeably or completely go down. Consumers who conclude a loan agreement with a foreign bank usually have different intentions in practice. On the one hand, the credit bureau query is dispensed with; on the other hand, loans from foreign banks are not entered in the credit bureau register.

But before the consumer receives a financing option from a foreign bank, he should compare the various offers beforehand. Ultimately, other regulations and conditions can make sure that the supposedly cheap credit becomes a costly surprise. For consumers, it is important not only to pay attention to interest rates and monthly installments, but also to consider various fees or initial costs. These can sometimes make the purchase of loans more expensive.

Of course, financial intermediaries also have an important role to play: even if many consumers find the financial intermediary a helpful “mediator”, they can sometimes incur lead costs that also weaken credit. In case of negative registration of the German in the credit bureau (“protection association for general credit protection”) he usually receives no loan from any bank.

Credit rating is no longer guaranteed

Credit rating is no longer guaranteed

Thus, the credit rating is no longer guaranteed – the credit institutions reject the applications. Often the amount of credit is no longer significant; even small loans are rejected because of the bad credit bureau entry. Sometimes the credit bureau value is correspondingly “bad”, as there are already too many sources of funding available. This is why many consumers who can no longer receive electricity in their own country are interested in financing domestic and foreign offerings.

The credit bureau exists only in Germany; in other European countries, other calculation methods are used so that the National Bank finally decides whether or not the incentive for a loan application can be given. But are such loans from foreign banks recommended? There are always terrible fees or upfront costs charged, the (apparently) cheap voucher upgrade.

Consumers who want to conclude a loan agreement with a foreign bank should therefore pay careful attention to (hidden) costs when reconciling them, so that they do not come to a nasty surprise. Of course, a loan offered by a foreign bank carries a certain residual risk. Ultimately, the Germans can not make inquiries and submit an application to all EU banks; The consumer repeatedly fails due to language barriers or is sometimes unable to find out by phone or even privately.

However, many consumers are not exactly enthusiastic; despite the offer of the foreign bank, they do not want to forego individual support. He would like to be able to contact the bank advisor at any time, so that the questions arising during the application process or after the conclusion of the contract can be clarified. Often, however, the expenditures are so obscure that the loans are extremely costly in the end.

Sometimes it can also lead to up-front costs, which the consumer has to bear. Thus, the consumer pays even before borrowing. Another way is the direct line to the house bank. If there are no language barriers and the consumer does not appreciate the personal handling, the online request and the transfer of the individual loan offer are sufficient.

Collateral such as life insurance or real estate, a high yield or a guarantor are recommended in practice, so that the house bank offers more favorable conditions. Therefore, it is important that the consumer respects such points of view. If a consumer’s credit offer has arisen, sometimes involving no upfront costs or various costs, it should ensure that adequate safeguards are in place and that sometimes a guarantor is available.

This increases creditworthiness so that credit institutions can offer more favorable conditions.

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